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Looking for a reason to buy a Padded Pak’r?

Virtually indestructible

The main body is constructed from a single piece of high-density, ballistic-grade nylon. How else could we offer a 30 year warranty?

Padded for protection

The Padded Pak’r® has a padded back. Because you don’t! Keeping you comfortable and your stuff safe.

Keeping it together

Every seam features taped and locked double stitching. So even if one stitch were to break, the seam will never come undone.

An extension of your body

The unique shoulder strap design is not only super comfortable but actually forms itself to the shape of your shoulders over time, so you hardly even know you’re carrying it.

Ready for anything

It’s water-repellent fabrics, coated interior and zippers keep your contents high and dry.

Going the distance

Every zipper is made to be self-repairing. So if it breaks, you can just pull it in the opposite direction and it’s as good as new.

Something for everyone

Throughout its 40 year history, Eastpak has produced the classic backpack shape in more than 2000 different colors, prints and fabrics.

Inspiring design

The Padded Pak’r® has been redesigned and recreated dozens of times in collaboration with some of the world’s most famous designers.

Eastpak Artist Studio

From iconic design to unique work of art

Last year we joined forces for the fifth time with a few of the biggest names in fashion. Over the years, such names as Jean Paul Gauthier, Manolo Blahnik, Tim Coppens and other world-class fashion designers have given full rein to their creativity by transforming special-edition “blank” Padded Pak’r® backpacks into unique works of art. All in aid of the charity organization, Designers Against AIDS.

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